Saturday, February 2, 2013

Choices and Change

It is February 2, 2013, snowing like a dickens outside, and I am cozy warm and snug as a bug in my home.
I am content, happy, and healthy.  I have everything I really need to eat, with the exception of milk, that I will get at the store tomorrow morning.  With all of this, I wonder how some people will survive in the cold weather.  Are most people as happy as I am at this moment?  Does everyone have a full belly and have enough to eat tonight?  The answer is no.  The answer is not by a long shot...even in the United States.
People everywhere are suffering...sometimes in silence in their marriages, an illness, or even not enough food.  As a life coach, I have natural compassion and a yearning to help.  But, I have learned I can't help everyone.
Some people have to help themselves too.  People have to want the help.  People have to want to change.
What do I have control over to change if I want to change something?  What do I not have control over?
I realize I have a lot of control over my reactions to things.  I can be proactive and plan ahead.  I can choose to handle things in a way better or healthier way sometimes.  Those are my choices.  Those are your choices too.  Those are many people's choices.  So...what is your choice?  What changes can you make to make your life better?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

January's Temperance

When I think of January, I think of snow.  I also think of hunkering down more at home and relaxing and making homemade soups and game nights with my family.  I forget that that the sun does not shine near as much, but when it does, I just want to soak up the rays for all they're worth.
This January I had a grandson born.  Mason Michael.  He is beautiful!  What a work of a miracle...and it happened for my family once again...Amazing!
January can also be very dark and dangerous.  It gets dark earlier in the day.  The roads are slick and icy and a lot of the time treacherous.  Sometimes, January is scary and depressing.
With January and all of its temperance, I choose to move on to February.  Mason will be a little older and showing more of his personality, there will be less slick roads, and it will still be cold enough to make more of my homemade soups.  So good bye January and your temperance.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Spirit of Christ in Christmas

When my boys were young, I wanted, as a Christian mom, to inform and teach them about the true meaning of Christmas.  I struggled with that, also, every year, because we all got caught up with Santa Claus, baking Christmas cookies, shopping for presents, and the many social and family events we had to go to.
I often wonder if I did Christ's birth justice as the forefront in my children's lives, and I think I did the best I
could, especially with what I knew then.

If I were to redo my moments raising my sons, at Christmas time, here is what I would do different, in order for them to see the spirit of Christ in Christmas:
1)  I would read the Christmas story from the Bible to them aloud and we would talk about it more.
2)  I would have my boys illustrate and draw what they thought the manger scene looked like when Jesus was born.
3)  I would sing in the choir or act in a drama for Christmas and let my boys see my delight in that.
4)  I would take them to see a live nativity scene, and we would talk about Jesus, our King and Savior, being born that way.
5)  I would volunteer in a soup kitchen, or something like that at Christmas time and not tell a single soul to gloat.
6)  I would express my joy more often as the season's expressions of giving is displayed by others.
7)  I would have given more to the Salvation Army's bell ringer's pots, and let my boys do the same.
8)  I would sit for a peaceful and quiet time each night in front of our Christmas tree lit and express what I am grateful for that the Lord has done for me and my family.
9)  I would not race around and bite my family's heads off (so to speak) when I felt like I was running out of time and money during the season.  In other words, I would think out more of the time and I would spend less...a whole lot less.
10)  I would pray more with my boys and I would pray more by myself.  I would devote more time to God.

I did ask one of my sons to look at this list before I publish it to the blog to see what he thought.
Here is what he said:
"Mom, I really feel you did a lot of what you listed.  I know Christ was born on earth for all of us, and that we celebrate his birth on December 25th.  I also know you brought this up to us more than at Christmas time.  I think you did a pretty good job, as our mom.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  I get it. I think we both do."

After he said that, I just felt like "wow" and I removed myself from the room where he was standing, went into my bedroom, fell to my knees, and thanked the Lord for that affirming moment with my son.  And, I also thanked God, for sending his son, to live on this earth, for me, for you, for the world, as he did so many sacrifices on our behalves, in order that we all can have eternal life after we die.

Enjoy this Christmas season.  Enjoy it and don't take a moment for granted.

Love and Peace to You All,
Debbie Kemp

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving and Gratitude...What Are They to Me in 2011?

I've been thinking about Thanksgiving and what it means to be truly thankful and grateful.  I can say that it really means something different to me in 2011 than it did to me 10 years ago...or even more 20 yrs. ago.  I have taken for granted a lot in the past, and probably still do.  I don't want to.  I want to breathe in every moment and appreciate all that God has given and blessed me with.
I could make a list of all that I am thankful for, and then I would forget some and that would not be good.
I could thank God on my knees, though, every day for another day He is giving me to serve Him, to love more, to laugh more, to take care of my body more, to read and write more, to foster all the relationships He has endeared in my life, and to focus on what really matters.
Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful to be alive and be able to share the time we have with others, to give of ourselves, and love others, and to love ourselves.  God wants us to do just that!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Writing My Book, Watching "Five", and Being Me...

This week, I was busy the whole week.  I made a commitment to myself that I would block off three days a week and at least 3-4 hrs. per those days to write my book.  So far, so good!  I have got to use what God has generously graced me with and share it.  I have a passion for people and helping them and I have a passion to make a difference.  I've got to do this, or I will not have done my life any justice here on earth.  Through my books, I want to indulge in some comedy, and then grab the reader's attention to speak tenderly to their heart.  I want to share the Lord's grace and God's unconditional love He has for all of us.  I want every reader to be able to relate to the text that I write and let God work His love into each and every person that reads my books.
This week, I also watched the Lifetime Movie "Five".  What a gripping movie that was!  I related to it because I have had cancer...not breast cancer...but I was in stage 3EB Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma a little over 5 years ago, in 2006.  I am so glad they made this movie.  I hope it makes more women and men to pay attention to their body signals and that we all take better care of ourselves here on earth.  Some things are out of our hands, but what we do have control over, we will be held accountable for.  I know I plan on trying the best that I know how to, now, to take care of the earthly body I have and nurture it.
Being me is sometimes difficult.  I know the older I am getting, though, the more I like myself and the person I am growing up to be.  You may say, Debbie, you're already grown up!  But, I can tell you without a doubt, that I will never be done growing up!  I want to learn new things about things, about myself, about others, about our world, about God, about everything that I can until my last breath here on earth.  I am not done...God is not finished with me yet.  I am still a growing girl and I am so very proud of that!
I hope you have had a good week and I will chat with you again soon!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Workshop Done!

I spoke at my first workshop today.  It was scary and it was exhilarating.  I know this is what I am supposed to coaching others and offering workshops to others.  I did not do a good job getting exposure out to others, though, I have to admit.  Only 4 were there.  That was not such a bad thing though.  I entered the room and instantly became an educator and a friendly approachable and likable gal.  I had a message and testimony to share and I felt it was important enough to do this, so I'm glad I did.
My next workshop will be titled differently, platformed and advertised differently, and I will have people pay in advance to come and hear me.
The evaluations of the workshop were all positive...but there were only 4 there.
It's okay...Deep breath...It's over...I move on.